Counter features and benefits web page hit or visitor counter with hit or visitor statistics

Counter Professional offers the following:

Choose number of digits displayed
You can choose to display from 5 to 10 digits on your counter. This allows you to match your Counter to the volume of traffic your site experiences.

Select from 3 sizes
Counter allows you to choose between the following three Counter sizes:

Complete control over color (hex code)
This option allows you to use hexadecimal code to specify your Counter colors. This gives you the ability to perfectly match the color of your Counter to the design of your Website.

Option to add a border to Counter
You can further customize your Counter by adding a distinctive border.

Option to use an invisible Counter
If you want the functionality and data provided by Counter but do not wish to display a Counter on your page, you can select this option to use an invisible Counter. Your Counter will provide you with all Counter reporting and hit counting but will be invisible to your visitors.

Select one of our ready-made Counters
If you prefer to not design your own Counter, we offer several ready-made Counters from which to choose:

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